Amazing speakers at the Corporate PA Summit

Ezy-Car had the pleasure of spending the day with the likes of Anh Do, Peggy Grande and Dr Nikki Stamp!

What an amazing day the Ezy-Car team had at the 2018 Corporate PA Summit in Perth recently.

Our day at Crown Perth started with meeting 140 personal and executive assistants who were just as excited as us to listen to expert advice from an amazing line up of highly inspirational speakers.

One of the greatest highlights of the day was hearing some personal stories close to Anh Do‘s heart.

Not only is Anh an accomplished author, actor, producer and comedian but he is also a fair dinkum lovely, genuine Aussie who went from being a starving refugee at the age of three to one of our best-loved entertainers. Anh spoke about how to be the master of your career and left many in tears, including our chair, Carmen Braidwood.

President Ronald Reagan chose Peggy Grande to work at his side for 10 years, and together they created a powerful partnership.

Serving as his post-presidency Executive Assistant, Peggy was the liaison between Ronald Reagan personally and his staff, the public, local dignitaries and world leaders.

She ensured that his events, travel, personal and political relationships and day to day operations were handled efficiently and effectively.

Peggy is such an interesting woman to listen to and shared principles of leadership and excellence. She taught everyone about how to be a gateway, not a gatekeeper and many other lessons.

Nadine Champion is a truly inspiring keynote speaker, martial arts Sensei (teacher), author and entrepreneur.

Nadine’s authenticity shone through with her life changing 10 Seconds of Courage message – a powerful call to action challenging her audience to “change their thinking” in order to succeed. The audience found her delivery humorous, educational and touching in equal measure. And what ease she can chop a piece of wood with her hand. She made us believe we can all do it too.

Dr Nikki Stamp is a heart surgeon, a champion for women achieving in domains that are traditionally dominated by men and a strong advocate for the importance of self-care and work-life balance.

One of only eleven female cardiothoracic surgeons in Australia, she holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with Honours from the University of Western Australia, and is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, specialising in cardiothoracic surgery.

Nikki gave us lessons in self care and reminded us all that it is important to look after ourselves, just as much as we all, and in particular personal and executive assistants, are known to prioritise our work.

Dixie Marshall took centre stage and spoke about how good communications can solve any problem… well just about any problem!

Dixie talked about how she walked away from a glamorous 27 year career as a senior television newsreader and journalist, to enter the brutal contact sport of politics. As the Director of Strategic Communications and Media for the Barnett Government in Western Australia for six years, Dixie oversaw a $50 million dollar advertising budget, advised the Premier and Cabinet on all significant communication initiatives and strategies, and devised, implemented and coordinated the entire government communication framework – the first time a synchronised framework was ever adopted across the whole of WA Government.

Not only is Lisa O’Neil charismatic and engaging, she had every. single. person. in stitches of laughter! (Lisa says those things that you think but don’t dare say out loud)

Bringing new insights and ideas, Lisa like to create dramatic shifts in the lives of people. Having worked in retail, marketing, branding and as a fashion stylist – Lisa has been empowering people her whole life. As a mother of four, Lisa is the queen of juggling. She is a high energy multitasker who has the rare ability to inspire people to take action.

Lisa spoke in detail about personal branding and high-power communicating and being the best you.

Dr Adrian Medhurst is a psychologist, author, and co-founder of the work-life wellbeing tech business – Benny Button.

Adrian was all about teaching the audience how to bust stress and boost well being. He is on a mission to optimise performance and wellbeing for people and organisations and firmly believes that when we mindfully live at the intersection of our optimal level of performance and wellbeing, we are on the path to discovering new peaks of our potential.

“We need wellbeing to perform at our best – no exceptions. This means wellbeing AND performance deserve our mindful attention and effort – no exceptions.”

From the commencement of her career at the Australian Society of Accountants, to taking the plunge to own and operate her own franchise Corrine Smirk has met many different personalities along the way.

In industries where there have been constant changes, Corrine has been committed to supporting her managers whilst in the midst of facing personal challenges herself – and what personal challenges she has had! Not one to give up, she shared with us, how you can put your best foot forward at home and work, and discover how exciting it can be to learn something about yourself along the way.

Every person who attended left at the end of the day feeling inspired and motivated to gain even greater heights within their career – and personal lives too!

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